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January 2017

On the Move

Increasing participation in physical activity in order to help tackle obesity is a key priority for our local communities.

That’s why CVS Broxbourne and East Herts has recently launched a project called On the Move.

The project is for children aged between 4 and 7 years who are at risk of becoming overweight or obese through low levels of physical activity.  It aims to help those who find it difficult to access physical activity, perhaps because they lack confidence, are left out or not chosen for school sports teams.

The project involves a programme of physical activity and multi-sport sessions which involves three 45 minutes sessions each week (e.g. swimming, exercise classes and family walks) as well as healthy cooking workshops aimed at the whole family.

The Broxbourne-based programme began in October 2016 and will continue until June 2017, hoping to reach 80 children in that time.

It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach and a range of methods are used to build the confidence, self-esteem and enthusiasm of the participants and ensure the support of parents, who are invited in to some sessions and encouraged to participate in the cooking workshops.

Participants are also signposted to local activities already taking place to ensure sustainability.

For more information contact or 0300 123 1034


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