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August 2014

Director's Welcome

Welcome from Jim McManus, Director of Public Health

Jim McManus

After a bit of a hiatus, we are having a fresh start with our Public Health e-newsletter to let you know what we’re doing. It’s been a busy time in Hertfordshire.

District and Borough councils have been producing health plans, working on a range of initiatives.

The Womens Tour alone showed what agencies in Hertfordshire are capable of, and we still have the Mens Tour in September.

The NHS and a range of partners have agreed to a whole system approach to self-management in chronic disease, which Public Health will lead us on, and a range of partners are awaiting the report on how we build a commissioning framework for sport and physical activity, led by Cllr Teresa Heritage’s Lifestyle and Legacy Partnership and delivered through the support of CLOA (The Chief Leisure Officers’ Association) and Sport England.

National Review of drug and alcohol services
Public Health England, with the Association of Directors of Public Health, has undertaken a national review of drug and alcohol services, which I and my opposite number for Blackpool, Arif Rajpura, were the lead directors of Public Health for. This report is about to be published as I write, and it shows that local authorities have taken the opportunity of transfer of Public Health to look at transformation of drug and alcohol services to meet the new potential to help people recover, not just lift and shift. Having undertaken a major reorganisation of drug and alcohol treatment and care into one service, we are now focusing on quality, outcomes and engagement to meet the national recovery agenda.   We have much work still to do, but the findings from our national benchmarking on outcomes, and from CQC inspections and user engagement, shows we are moving in the right direction.

Physical Activity and Year of Cycling
We’ve seen some major cycling events this year in Broxbourne, Welwyn and Hatfield, Watford and Stevenage to name just a few, and much more to come including the Mens Tour in Dacorum in September. We relaunched the cycling forum with an energy which was palpable and we seem to be in the middle of the cycling buzz.

The Year of cycling is just the start of a major three year cultural push on physical activity and getting our county moving.  Physical activity is mother nature’s way of keeping us healthy, said Mike Kelly of NICE recently. And he’s right.  A report due out shortly from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges will summarise the evidence for physical activity in one place, and it has been a joy  to serve on the committee working with Dr Scarlett McNally, the lead on this, not least because we’ve been able to check what we do here against her insightful and helpful leadership.

As we look towards the Herts Sports and Physical Activity Development Conference on 10th September, we are well into the year of cycling, more and more of our District and Borough Councils are being successful in Sport England funding and our sustainable transport team have been nominated for the National Transport Award for promoting cycling to children. Jez Cox, who has a national and international reputation in cycling, has come to work with us because he wants to put cycling in Hertfordshire on the map.  Revision of maps, new cycling app, new policies on events and community cycling events from the police, districts and county and a new approach to making cycling an everyday part of life are all part of our efforts. Watch out for cycling on referral schemes, and a new network of pit stops in Hertfordshire where retailers and coffee shops welcome cyclists; they will even have a spare pump and repair kit on hand as part of making cycling the thing to do.

Public Health Services for a new world

We are making significant efforts to improve the health of the public: 

  • Over 3,000 adults are now using our weight management service. Given that this was only launched and commissioned last year I think this is an achievement
  • We will roll out new weight management services for children soon
  • For the first time ever we are on track with NHS health checks. We have gone from being eigth poorest in the country for numbers offered to being on track. Our next focus is to ensure we get the quality and the aftercare to be the very best we can get it to be.
  • We are embarking on the major modernisation of sexual health services across the County. These services see around 60,000 people a year, so it’s important we get these right

So, we have lots of work still to do to get to where we want to be.

Still to come

  • We are working on the pharmaceutical needs assessment currently, which NHS England will use to determine the future configuration and commissioning of all pharmacies serving our County
  • We are working on a public mental health plan for children and young people
  • As part of our sexual health strategy a sexual health promotion plan is being developed
  • Working with LGBT communities we are developing an LGBT plan
  • We are working with Diabetes UK on BME early detection of diabetes, and self-care for diabetes
  • We have kicked off the Hertfordshire Faith Forum with a discussion about public health at its first meeting

We still have much more to do. We are working with the Sports Partnership on disabled peoples’ access to physical activity and sport and some of our Healthwatch volunteers and districts are doing great stuff on this. But we must do better overall.

Changes to our team
Lastly, we are once again, finally nearly at full capacity as a team, and we will have some new people joining us. We will in our next issue produce a guide to who does what in our team.

Jim McManus
Director of Public Health, Hertfordshire


Current Campaigns

Hertfordshire Year of Cycling


2014 is Hertfordshire’s Year of Cycling and Hertfordshire County Council is working with cycle groups, businesses and schools to help residents make the most of cycling opportunities.

Across Hertfordshire, there are activities and events designed to raise awareness of cycling as a great way to get and stay fit, a cheap travel option that helps reduce traffic and pollution and a fun way to spend time with friends and family.

Anyone can get involved; from competitive races to leisure rides, there are events for all ages and abilities:

  • Sky Ride Local programme – a partnership between Hertfordshire County Council and British Cycling – offers a series of free guided bike rides suitable for a range of fitness levels along mostly traffic-free routes. 
  • Women only ‘Breeze’ cycling events
  • BMX racing at Royston Rockets circuit or Gosling stadium in Welwyn Garden City
  • The Like2Bike pilot scheme which encourages more pupils to ride their bikes to school through cycle training, repairs and maintenance sessions.  This builds on Hertfordshire County Council’s Bikeability scheme, which has run more than 2,000 cycling proficiency courses in schools and the Beginner Biking programme run by children’s centres, where pre-school age children learn to ride bikes without using stabilisers
  • The Big Herts Cycle Challenge aimed to encourage people to cycle to work and enabled organisations to compete to see who could encourage the most staff to cycle for at least 10 minutes.

For more information visit:

Or contact Herts Year of Cycling co-ordinator

Hertfordshire County Council’s BigHertsBigIdeas for Business programme also encourages employers to promote sustainable travel to staff. More details can be found at

Get children moving this summer with Disney

Change4Life has teamed up with Disney to launch a new physical activity campaign this summer to help children have fun and move more. 

The theme is the “10 Minute Shake-up”, and it aims to get children achieving the Chief Medical Officer’s recommended one hour exercise a day, in practical 10 minute chunks, using Disney’s great stories and fantastic characters as inspiration.

Families that sign-up will get a “10 minute Shake-Up pack”, containing a stop watch, fun activities cards, Disney wall charts and stickers. They will also get online access to Disney themed activities, games and special offers.

Events can be registered on the event finder so that parents can find out what’s happening locally via weekly updates.

A free school summer activity pack, issued through the School Fruit and Veg Scheme has been given to all infant schools across England. The pack, suitable for key stage 1 and 2 pupils, contains a limited edition treasure hunt with eight Disney characters and 10 minute activities.

A toolkit of resources is also available for public health, local government and NHS colleagues.  The leaflets can be used as a face-to-face conversation starter at events, leisure centres, summer camps, libraries, play days and any other opportunities to reach families with children aged five-11.

To access the toolkit please click here.  

Username: Change4Life.Partner2014
Password: keepthesecret

Please promote this campaign to families you work with.  More information is available on the 10 Minute Shake up website.

Do Something Different – for free

Do you work with someone who might be finding life a struggle?  Why not encourage them to try one of the free online Do Something Different programmes designed to help bring about a positive change to their life.  

Over 400 people have now signed up and are taking one step at a time to become healthier, happier and less stressed by changing their lives for the better. 

There are now four online programmes available:  

  • Do Healthy Weight in Herts (new)
  • Do Healthy in Herts
  • Do Happiness in Herts
  • Do Less Stress in Herts  

They have been produced by Hertfordshire County Council’s Public Health department, working in partnership with Do Something Different.

Those who sign up receive six weeks of personalised ‘Dos’ by text or email – fun, positive actions designed to help them enjoy a healthier lifestyle and transform their life in a series of small steps. Each step is specially chosen for the individual and designed to stretch them outside their personal comfort zone.  

For more information, please visit Hertsdirect

Move Week is on its way to Hertfordshire

Move Week (29 September to 5 October) is an annual Europe-wide campaign promoting physical activity and the positive attitudes and sense of community it can inspire.

Driven by community sports network Active East Herts, and supported by organisations including the Broxbourne and East Herts Community Voluntary Services and East Herts District Council, Hertfordshire’s Move Week will provide an opportunity for people to get involved in local sporting activities and help create sustainability in sport participation and volunteering.

Last year, Active East Herts engaged directly with more than 450 people as part of the initiative.

It is part of Now We Move, a broader platform of initiatives from the International Sport and Culture Association, which aims to get 100 million more people across Europe physically active by 2020.

If you want to be involved in Move Week or run some activities please contact Michal Siewniak at: or call 07825 021746.

A limited grant scheme is available to help smaller clubs cover costs such as venue hire, coach time etc.  More information is available at:

Smokefree Homes and Cars

Drawing on the success of the Stevenage Smokebusters project, Smokefree Homes and Cars is being rolled out countywide.

The marketing strategy highlights the fact that over 80% of secondhand smoke is invisible and odourless, making it impossible to control.  So, even if people smoke near an open window or door, the smoke can travel and harm others.  Exposure to second hand smoke is particularly harmful to babies and children and can lead to respiratory disease, meningitis, cot death and behavioural problems as well as serious consequences to babies of pregnant women who are exposed to secondhand smoke, including stillbirth, congenital malformations and growth retardation.

Smoking around others also reduces their ability to stop smoking and children whose parents smoke are three times more likely than those whose parents don’t smoke to start smoking themselves.

The Smokefree Homes and Cars project briefing will be circulated to lead agencies, stakeholders and partners to obtain organisational commitment for the project over the coming months and will be rolled out using local intelligence on smoking prevalence and with priority groups.

Partners will be briefed on the aims of the project and resources will be distributed to encourage local engagement and activities.

If you would like further information about this project please contact:  Terrie Baverstock on 01438 843220 or email

For Brief Intervention training and resources please contact: Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service on 01442 743031 or email:



Hold the date! 
Tobacco Control Alliance
Hertfordshire’s Tobacco Control Alliance will be holding its second annual workshop on Thursday 29 January 2015 at the Focalare Centre, Welwyn Garden City 12.00pm-4.30pm.

Projects and Initiatives

Alcohol licensing

In April 2012, local health bodies became ‘responsible authorities’ under the Licensing Act 2003.

For the first time local health bodies were able to instigate a review of an alcohol license and input into decisions on applications of new licenses, so that health harms, including those seen in A&E departments, could be a key factor in deciding whether a new license is granted.

At present the four licensing objectives are:

  • the prevention of crime and disorder
  • public safety
  • the prevention of public nuisance
  • the protection of children from harm

There is not yet a specific health objective.

Public Health provides evidence for licence reviews to help local district and borough councils to target hotspots and poorly managed licensed premises.  Public Health also shares evidence from health profiles, local alcohol profiles, alcohol-related hospital admissions and assaults associated with alcohol, liver disease mortality and local information from areas of high vulnerability, for example homeless hostels, in order to inform interventions.

This process has contributed to:

  • the temporary closure of a nightclub and adding clauses to its license
  • revoking the licences of several off licence premises
  • supplying evidence to three licence reviews in Watford
  • reviewing the license of a premises which has subsequently closed down

For more information please contact

Infection Prevention Assurance in Care Homes

Hertfordshire County Council is the first county in the UK to launch an Infection Prevention Control (IPC) scheme in care homes.

The scheme will allow the council to monitor care homes and provide assurance with regards to infection control standards.

Care homes are not hospitals and cannot be expected to provide a clinical environment; however there are steps they can take to reduce the risks of infectious disease among their residents.  One of the new responsibilities of the Department of Health is to be assured of the IPC compliance with 10 required standards in care homes.

The IPC scheme, which is run jointly with Herts Care Providers Association, looks at the systems and procedures in care homes, rather than carrying out audits or inspections, aiming to encourage them to improve the quality of what they do to improve infection.

Hertfordshire County Council has worked closely with partners to pilot the assessment tool and feedback has been very positive, with nine of the ten pilot homes putting improvements in place.

It is free for care homes to participate in the voluntary scheme.  They complete a questionnaire and return it with supporting evidence, which will then be assessed.  Results will lead to one of three levels of local award and each participating home will get a certificate valid for one year which they can display or use in their marketing. 

The aim is to encourage local care homes to want to participate and improve their IPC systems.  Based on outcomes of the voluntary programme, the assessment tool may be included in the commissioning workbook in future.  HCC may, in future, only contract with care homes that have participated in the scheme

Care homes can register to receive a quick reference information pack which contains the self assessment tool plus lots of other useful information, including signposting to sources of support.

Registration to the programme will open when the scheme launches on Tuesday 23 September 2014.

For further information please contact 

Community Covenant

The Hertfordshire Community Covenant is a mutual commitment between public, private and voluntary organisations and the serving or retired Armed Forces community in the county.

The Covenant aims to ensure that no serving or retired Armed Forces personnel are disadvantaged as a result of the work that they do and that services such as education, housing, advice services and public transport have all been reviewed.

The Community Covenant Grant Scheme delivers financial support to projects at a local level, which strengthen the ties between members of the Armed Forces Community and the wider community in which they live.

Mouse mats and leaflets have been sent to GP surgeries and other health venues as part of campaign to raise awareness of issues affecting veterans and the team is busy delivering presentations to key organisations across the county.  There will also be a specific workshop at the Hertfordshire Public Health Conference in November to raise awareness of this important issue.

If you have a project which you'd like the Covenant Board to support, please visit or contact

Sports and Physical Activity Commissioning project

Hertfordshire County Council is working with the Culture and Leisure Officers Association (CLOA) and Sport England on a Sports and Physical Activity Commissioning project that will run until December 2015.

Part of a national programme, the project will work with key district and health stakeholders in order to develop and commission a countywide exercise on referral scheme that builds on current good practice and achieves demonstrable positive health and wellbeing outcomes for residents in Hertfordshire.

It will identify local need and build relationships with commissioners in order to ensure that services are targeted to deliver priority outcomes.

Hertfordshire is a large authority and the project aims to improve the commissioning of sport and physical activity through increased engagement with partners:

Hertfordshire County Council Public Health

  • increasing investment with districts
  • achieving mutually desirable and demonstrable outcomes for Hertfordshire residents

Clinical commissioning groups and primary care practitioners

  • increased efficiencies through preventative approaches
  • enhanced reputation by prescribing non-pharmaceutical remedies
  • tackling isolation and inactivity in key target groups

District councils

  • Co-production of a model of delivery with commissioned providers

Leisure providers and the county sports partnership also have a role to play.

Look out for further information in future newsletters and details of a stakeholder event that will take place in the autumn.

For further information, please contact project lead 

Stop press!

Sports and Physical activity conference
Wednesday 10 September 2014
Fielder Centre, Hatfied Business Park

To book a place, please visit:



Hertfordshire excels in under-age test sales of e-cigarettes

A recent investigation by Public Health England and the Trading Standards Institute into retailers that sell e-cigarettes to young people shows that none of Hertfordshire’s tested retailers sold e-cigarettes to under-18s.

Hertfordshire Trading Standards officers carried out 19 visits as part of the study, but none of these resulted in sales. This meant that the Eastern region was the only area in the study to achieve a zero per cent purchase rate.

Where retailers refused a sale, reasons included refusal following a proof of age request or outright refusal to serve a young person.

Whilst there is currently no legal restriction placed on the age at which e-cigarettes may be sold, the majority of these products carry a voluntary age warning that they are not for sale to under 18s.

Trading Standards officers have worked extremely closely with businesses in Hertfordshire to provide training and education on age restricted products. Many products do not contain a voluntary age warning so Trading Standards have been working hard to raise awareness of the issue so that retailers understand their legal responsibilities.

This positive outcome is real testament to the excellent partnership working between Public Health and Trading Standards colleagues to ensure that the health, safety and wellbeing of Hertfordshire’s young people is protected.

New powers in the Children and Families Act 2014 will allow for the introduction of a ban on selling e-cigarettes to under 18s, regulations that are subject to future consultation. This study was commissioned by Public Health England (PHE) to assist this work.

New website available to help improve the mental health of children and young people

Hertfordshire became the first local authority in the country to host the launch of a new resource for preventing children and young people with mental health conditions slipping through the net.

A survey commissioned by MindEd, a consortium of mental health experts, took place recently and found that 38 per cent of adults would not know how to spot the signs of a child or young person suffering from a mental health problem.

The website – MindEd ( has a collection of resources and e-learning packages available which will help any adult professional working with children to spot the signs of a mental health condition.

This resource supports Hertfordshire’s strategy and commitment to a multi agency approach to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people in Hertfordshire. Good mental health, improved inter-agency working, improved access to mental health services and addressing inequalities are a priority for Hertfordshire County Council and its partners.

The mental health strategy can be found online at
Information on general happiness and wellbeing is also available online on hertsdirect at  

Health and Wellbeing Focus

An update on commissioning

The Integrated Health and Care Commissioning team oversees most of the commissioning contracts for Public Health.  Here is a summary of some of the current contracts that are out to tender:

Primary care

Contracts for public health services delivered by GP practices (chlamydia screening, smoking cessation, IUCDs, sub-dermal implants and NHS Health Checks) are currently being distributed to all 147 practices across the county. 160 contracts for services delivered by community pharmacies (smoking cessation, chlamydia screening, Emergency Hormonal Contraception) have been distributed.

Expressions of interest have been received from 27 community pharmacies to take part in the Alcohol Information and Brief Advice service pilot. Twenty five will be chosen across the county to reflect the areas of highest problematic alcohol use.

Sexual health

The procurement of the new integrated sexual health service is well under way, and a number of pre-qualification questionnaires have been submitted by organisations who would like to tender for the contract. These are being assessed and organisations were invited to tender in late July, with a view to awarding the contract in September.

The new service should go live from April 2015, providing consistent access to a full range of sexual health and family planning services across the county. HIV treatment services will not be part of the new service, but the contracted organisation will be expected to work with HIV services. HIV testing services will remain unaffected.

Drugs & alcohol

Following a successful pilot, expressions of interest have been received from organisations wishing to tender for the new Telephone Counselling Service. The new service will go live from September 2014, and will provide access to counselling services for those unable to attend traditional alcohol treatment services. The service will be part of an alcohol treatment pathway for people with learning disabilities.

A review of recovery focussed drug and alcohol treatment services began in July to consider current services and assess the ability of the system to respond to the needs of carers, families and those with complex needs. 

Hertfordshire Lifestyle and Legacy Partnership


The Hertfordshire Lifestyle and Legacy Partnership (HLLP) aims to bring together a countywide partnership which will work towards shared objectives in the areas of public health, sport, recreation, culture and volunteering.

The HLLP will lead four strands of work:

  • Physical Activity and Sports (led by the Physical Activity and Sport Stakeholder Alliance)
  • Arts and Culture: (led by the Hertfordshire Music Education Hub)
  • Lifestyle: (led by Hertfordshire County Council Public Health)
  • Volunteering: (led by Herts CVS, Volunteer Centres and partners)

Actions will be developed within these themes, in order to achieve outcomes that fall under the overarching vision of the HLLP (see below):

For more information please visit


Staff News

Changes to the Public Health team

Hertfordshire County Council’s Public Health team is led by Jim McManus, Director of Public Health.  He is supported by two deputy directors: 

  • Dr Louise Smith, Commissioning and health improvement
  • Joel Bonnet, Risk, resilience, evidence and intelligence

A team of assistant directors and consultants head up each of the teams within these two departments.

The team has recently been restructured so that it aligns with the Public Health strategy and with the outstanding vacancies filled it will be back up to 75 per cent of the strength it was within the NHS.  We hope to fill these vacancies shortly.

To view the latest team structure chart please click here.

Councillor Teresa Heritage is the Cabinet Member for Public Health and Localism.  Her deputy Cabinet Member is Councillor Fiona Hill.  Teresa chairs the Cabinet Panel on Public Health and Localism which is made up of 11 elected members and meets every two months.

The Public Health team is co-located in council sites across Hertfordshire.




Public Health – an overview

Public Health is described as ‘the science and art of promoting and protecting health and wellbeing, preventing ill-health and prolonging life through the organised efforts of society.'   It falls into three key areas:

  • Commissioning    
  • Protecting the health of the population
  • Providing a Public Health advice service to support NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups

The Public Health Strategy is available here. It outlines the key priorities for public health, which are:

  • Our residents live longer, healthier lives
  • Our residents start life healthy and stay healthy
  • We narrow the gap in life expectancy and health between the most and the least healthy
  • We protect our communities from harm (chemical, biological, radiological and environmental)
  • We understand what is needed and we do what works
  • We make public health everybody’s business and work together


Services commissioned by Public Health

  • Drug and alcohol services
  • School nurses
  • Healthy child programme (five-19)
  • Stop smoking services
  • Sexual health services
  • Infection control services
  • Health check assessments

The Health and Wellbeing Board

The Public Health team has formed strong links with the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB).  The Hertfordshire HWB has developed nine strategic priorities, of which three are lead responsibilities for Public Health:

1. Reducing the harm caused by alcohol
2. Reducing the harm caused by tobacco
3. Promoting healthy weight and increasing physical activity

For more information about Public Health in Hertfordshire, please visit


Going from strength to strength

Hertfordshire’s Public Health service was openly praised by Public Health England recently for the work it is doing to help reduce health inequalities and ensure that everyone in Hertfordshire is as healthy as possible. 

Chief Executive of Public Health England, Duncan Selbie said:

“As the evidence shows, getting active and keeping active are fundamental to good health and wellbeing and nowhere is this taken more seriously than in Hertfordshire where their inspirational Director of Public Health, Jim McManus, has championed an exceptional series of initiatives to encourage people to think and act on their health, diet and lifestyle and levels of physical activity.”

This very public message pays tribute to the dedication of everyone in Hertfordshire involved in Public Health for their hard work in helping us to make Hertfordshire a healthier place to live.

Here are some of the key successes last year that have helped build this reputation:

  • Hertfordshire was the first authority to produce a Public Health Strategy after transfer.  The strategy is available to view online here:
  • 27,096 people took up the offer of having a health check in 2013-14, twice as many as the the 12,715 delivered in 2012-13  (41,518 were offered).  This takes our ranking from 138th to 98th in the country.
  • The number of people quitting smoking in Hertfordshire last year was 6,293.   The percentage of the population smoking in Hertfordshire has fallen from 20.0% in 2011 to 17.7% in 2012 and is below the England average of 19.5%.
  • In 2013-14 a total of 3,967 people accessed drug and alcohol treatment services, an increase of 20 per cent compared to the year before. Of this number 2,583 (60 per cent) accessed drug treatment services and 1,590 (40 per cent) accessed alcohol treatment services.
  • A new weight management service for adults was launched midway through 2013-14 and in the first eight months was accessed by over 2,300 people.
  • Every reception and year 6 child in Hertfordshire is measured and those overweight or obese are offered tailored support.  A new weight management service for children will launch in summer 2014.
  • 32,000 people went on a health walk last year
  • Over 21,000 appointments for contraception and 43,000 genito-urinary medicine appointments were provided.  Over 20,000 women were seen for long-acting contraceptives, over 17,000 of which were delivered in community settings by GPs. 
  • Our school nurses delivered over 35,000 contacts with schools, children and families.
  • We assessed and advised on over 2,000 applications for specialist, rare or unusual clinical care or treatment on behalf of the NHS

 Duncan Selbie’s full message is available to read here. 




Three new NICE Public Health Local Government briefings have been published

The full briefings are available on and can be found by following the links below:

 -          Local Government Public Health Briefing on Looked-after children and young people

-          Local Government Public Health Briefing on Domestic violence and abuse: how services can respond effectively

-          Local Government Public Health Briefing on HIV testing


Health in Herts – a new website for Hertfordshire

The Public Health pages for Hertfordshire have been refreshed and are now live at

This is first phase of a collection of resources to help people to improve their health in Hertfordshire, which will be developed over the coming year – keep an eye out for updates in this newsletter.

Please publicise this website address in any relevant communications to raise awareness of the pages.

Postcards are available to help promote the website to the public.  Please contact for details. 

District council wellbeing strategies

District councils are continuing to work on their public health / health and wellbeing strategies.

The East Herts strategy is available here. 

The Broxbourne strategy is available here.

Others will be shared as they become available.

Free health factsheets

The Institute of Health Visiting has launched a new series of free health factsheets for parents with children under five and professionals.

Every family with a child under five has a named health visitor, who works to promote the health of the whole family including advising on all aspects of children’s growth and development. Health visitors focus on prevention and on giving children and families vital help and support in the early years of a child’s life.

The fact sheets for parents are available here. The themes include:

·         Nutrition
·         Breastfeeding
·         Bonding and behaviour
·         Child safety
·         Common illnesses and conditions e.g. colic & crying, eczema, scarlet fever
·         Immunisations
·         Sleep and safer sleep
·         Fathers
·         Childhood conditions that need specialist support e.g. deafness and hearing difficulties, nystagmus

A series of specialist fact sheets for professionals is also available here for each of these themes: 

·         Homeless families
·         Prisoner’s families
·         Gypsy and traveller families
·         Sikh families
·         Chinese families
·         Bereaved families
·         Families living with a child with special needs
·         Families living with a child with autism
·         Domestic violence

A resource on working with minority groups is also available here.

The County Council expects to have responsibility for commissioning Health Visitors transferred to it from NHS England in 2015.


Parkrun organises weekly, 5km timed runs in towns and cities across the globe.

They are free, open to everyone and safe and easy to take part in.  They are held in pleasant parkland surroundings and encourage people of every age and ability to take part, from those taking their first steps in running to Olympians.

Herts Sport Partnership is working closely with Parkrun and Public Health Hertfordshire with a view to setting up more Parkruns across the county. 

Please contact Glen Turner: if you are interested in setting up a Parkrun in your local area.


Hold the date! Tobacco Control Alliance workshop

Hertfordshire’s Tobacco Control Alliance will be holding its second annual workshop on Thursday 29 January 2015 at the Focalare Centre, Welwyn Garden City 12.00pm-4.30pm.

Grants available for health related projects

The GSK Health Impact Awards for Charities, run in partnership with the Kings Fund, is now open for applications up to £30k.  Applications are invited from voluntary agencies who can demonstrate the impact of a project on healthy living and improving health. 

The awards are designed to recognise and reward charities that are doing excellent work to improve people's health in the UK.

Please visit to find out more.  The closing date is 19 September.

Director of Public Health, Jim McManus, is happy to provide a letter of support or public health data for suitable projects.


Understanding evaluation in public health: one day courses

PHE Obesity Knowledge and Intelligence team is running the following evaluation courses in 2014:

Understanding evaluation in public health: evaluating weight management interventions
Tuesday 7 October 2014 – The Queens, Central Leeds

Understanding evaluation in public health: evaluating physical activity interventions
Tuesday 14 October 2014, Friends House, Euston, London

Understanding evaluation in public health: evaluating dietary interventions 
Tuesday 4 November 2014, Friends House, Euston, London

The one-day courses, including lunch, refreshments and any course materials, costs £150.00 per participant.  Click here for more information and to book a place

Commissioning responsibilities for 0-5 year olds transfers to Public Health

On 1 October 2015 the responsibility for commissioning public health services for 0-five year olds will transfer from NHS England to local authorities. The transfer marks the final part of the overall public health transfer.

The LGA, Public Health England, NHS England and the Department of Health are working in partnership to deliver a series of regional events to support local authorities and area teams prepare for the transfer.

Please follow this link for further information and dates of events 

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